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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Urban Dictionary

I've never really used/looked at Urban Dictionary that much before, but tonight I delved in and to my surprise I had quite a good laugh.
Obviously the first thing I searched was my name - Alison. Here are some of the more amusing (to me anyway) definitions I found...

A beautiful, hot, sexy girl. One who thinks she is not pretty but is the most gorgeous person I've ever seen. she will one day end up with all she ever dreamed of, because she didnt take advantage of what she had when she was younger.
Damn I want an Alison!!

The word Alison is another word for 'I love you'.  Alison is the hottest girl you will ever know and that is the truth.
If you break up with an Alison then you are pretty much gay because there is no other girl out there like her. So if you know an Alison I'm here to tell you ask her out because no other girl is worth it
Alison is the one for me, I better call her and ask her out.

The hottest, caring, cool, and funny woman you will ever meet... She loves the people who look up to her, and converts boys into men.

The most beautiful girl ever seen by anyone ever. From the moment she is seen you will love her. She is funny, smart, fun. If you dont love her, you are gay. When ever she smiles or laughs your heart melts a little. When you make her happy, you feel as if your goal in life has been fulfilled. She. Is. Perfect.
Gay guy: Did you see that girl? She makes me want to be straight. 

She's the friend everyone wishes they had. You want to be her, you want to be with her. She's trustworthy, she's funny, she's kind, she's just down right perfect. Boy's (or lesbians) don't dump her cause you'll just be dissapointed.

Also used as adjective.
She's so alison!!!

Pretty much the coolest girl ever, you talk to her for just a little while and you see how much of a cute and kind girl she really is. She has good taste in music and style, and is super good looking, there is no girl like an Alison. She is innocent but in a good way, she's immature but its cute, and it's easy to make her laugh because shes a fun person
Damn that! Look at that Alison shes so cool.

Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now!

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