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Friday, 22 July 2011

Don't Explain

I was reading a blog today about song lyrics and this song was brought to my attention.  I read a couple of lines and it made me smile.   I thought Id post it, maybe it will make you smile too.

Don't explain
It's really not your style
I've had some fun
You really made me smile
Don't look so serious
It doesn't suit your face
Don't explain, don't explain 

You sure know
How to use your hands
But you don't have a great attention span
Don't apologise
Or drop your eyes
Don't explain, don't explain 

I've seen them come, I've seen them go
Boys like you
Their gangster hearts, their dreamy loads
Boys like you 

So take your things 
I won't count the days
Sure you can call on me
If you pass this way
But if one night you're lonely
And I have other company
Don't complain, don't complain

Paul Kelly

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  1. Paul Kelly is an Aussie institution. I love that song lyrics allow poetry a wide and appreciative audience. x


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