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Saturday, 13 August 2011

It's Not All Bad In London

 Mention London to anyone at the moment and all they'll think about is the riots.  However last weekend me and mine went to London, Wembley stadium to be precise, for the Community Shield.  The winners of the FA Cup - Manchester City, versus the winners of the Premiership - Manchester United.

 Dressed in pale blue, we arrived in plently of time for the match, and the sun was shining!

 We made our way to the blue side of the stadium and down to one of the local pubs for a drink.  The London Met Police do a great job of segregating the supporters to minimise trouble and there was a great atmosphere.  Sunshine, drinking and lots of singing.

 After some fish and chips we made our way back to the stadium.  Due to City's fine form this year it was the third time this year that the accountant had been to Wembley (he's a lifelong fan).  But for me it was my first time and I can honestly say it's fantastic!  A well designed structure, we got through the turnstiles, found the bar and got drinks quickly. (mmm, there's a bit of an alcohol theme developing here isn't there?)

 Once in our (very good) seats the size of the place really hits you.  Contrasting seas of red and blue, split half way through the stadium looked amazing and the noise singing from the fans on both sides was overwhelming.

 Then the match began...now I'm not a footy expert so I won't give too much detail. 
In a nutshell, we lost.

 However, it was brilliant day and me and mine had a great time.  The drive out of the area took a while due to traffic congestion and we were blissfully unaware of the riots taking place in various areas nearby (thankfully).

 So although last weekend in London was horrendous for many people, for almost 80,000 football supporters, it was a good day.


  1. Ah, there's no place like London in the sunshine. It's hard to believe you had such a perfect day while all that other business was going on. A tale of two cities!

    Visiting via the REwind.

  2. Oh, how you have made me a little England sick! London in August has a certain irresistible air - even in riotous times...

    And matches (and events) at Wembley are just amazing. I have never felt atmosphere like it. (I saw Bon Jovi there in about 1995...)

    Thank you for linking up via the Weekend Rewind!


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