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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween, Have a Smashing Samhain

Love it or hate it, Halloween is here again.  As a pagan, I like to celebrate Halloween and yes, I do give all the children who call at the door treats.

I also like carving pumpkins although I'm not especially good at it.  My dog, Sonny isn't very impressed either.

Scary stuff huh?

This little lady (I call her Winnie) was a gift from a student of mine a few years ago.  It came in a beautiful floral display.  I kept her and have reused her each Halloween since.

I treated myself to some beautiful orange, white and purple flowers whilst out shopping this weekend, I popped Winnie in the top and they look lovely.

This picture is a little deceiving.  It's not a normal sized pumpkin, it's a teeny tiny munchkin!

 This is my finished Halloween display.  Can you see the little munchkins on the mantelpiece?  I've also put a little broomstick on the side to finish it off.

Have a great Halloween.  Love and light to you all.

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  1. You make a mean pumpkin Alison. So clever! Halloween is getting bigger over here in Aus (not sure why!). It will only be my wedding anniversary date to me! Thanks for Rewinding. See you on Jan 6 x


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