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Monday, 1 August 2011

Full Of Pride

This Saturday saw the seventh Oldham Pride parade and celebrations.  It was my first Oldham Pride as me and mine are often on our summer holidays at this time.

The theme this year was F.R.U.I.T - Freedom, rights, understanding, inclusion, transformation.

 The sun shone and there was such a fantastic feeling of happiness, love and fun.

Here are some images from the day.

I am blessed to have in my life, one of the organisers,  my great friend Paul.  Paul is filled with courage, compassion, talent, determination, passion. love, friendship and obviously from this picture - fun.

Paul, his partner Jason and the rest of the Oldham LGBT team worked so hard to produce a brilliant day and it was enjoyed by many.

It was the first Pride day that my Baba took part in and I was so proud of her, standing up for what she belives in and having pride in herself.

She helped out selling t-shirts and also got her face painted.

Ace Tees

The hosts for the day were Rosie Lugosi and Jonathan Mayor, two veterans of the Northern comedy circuit, Burlesque reviews and Manchester Pride. My Baba is a big fan of vampires and Twilight and Rosie was more than happy to pose for a photo with her (although she didn't have her fangs in unfortunately).

There were lots of acts on the stage - Lucy Lush, a fabulous drag queen who sang all the camp classics.

The Gay Gordons - a Scottish dance group.

 The symbol for Oldham is the owl, so naturally the Oldham Pride owl is bright pink.  This picture makes me laugh as Paul said he thought that the owl was 'too camp'!

There was an Abba tribute group and a very tall stiltwalker.

A beautiful day filled with beautiful people.

Congratulations to all the organisers.  Here's to next year!


  1. What a lovely blog Alison, and great pics too. So glad that you enjoyed the day so much. Thank you. xxx

  2. What a awesome photos with such great photos! it looks like it was a brillant day for a great cause.

    Found you through Weekend Rewind Linkup

  3. The Sydney Gay and Lesbian community know how to put on a fabulous party too! So glad you had a fantastic day! Thanks for Rewinding x


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