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Monday, 20 June 2011

The Day After Whit Friday...The Beerwalk!

The weekend that has just been, is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year in Saddleworth.  The day after Whit Friday has, for the past 38 years, been 'The Beerwalk'.

Just thought I'd grab your attention at the start with these fine bodies.

Saddleworth Beerwalk is now one of the biggest events on the Saddleworth calendar. Some two thousand people in fancy dress walk the traditional eleven mile route through five villages and back, being rewarded with a beer at ten beer stations along the way while collecting money for various charities. 

The round table and local pubs work incredibly hard to provide drinks for 2000

It started 38 years ago with six Round Tablers doing a charitable pub crawl and has grown to such an annual event which now raises something in the region of £90,000 for various worthy causes.

Many groups build their own props.

I realise I've included a lot of pictures in this blog but it really is a visual feast of creativity and fun.
The 'beer a mid' won first prize this year.

Come rain or shine thousands of people line the streets well-wishing the Beer Walkers on their journey. It takes approximately six hours to complete and the high spirits of the walkers never fails to make it a great and memorable day for everyone year in year out.

This group of traffic cones were 'protesting' against all the road closures in the area.

Every year the Beerwalk has a theme, this year it is Crawl Of Duty - Black Hops, a play on words of the popular video game.

All the money that is collected on the day is distributed out to various organisations and charities in the area.

This was taken at the top of 'Lark Hill' a killer of a hill two-thirds of the way round.

Gingers For Justice

Everyone pays a £20 entrance fee which goes to the Round Table.  Each group or individual can also carry collecting buckets and raise money for their own registered charity.

My beautiful sister (left) was a bridesmaid in a real 'hen do'. (The bride had walked off by the time I took this picture)
Have baby, will travel.  The ascent up Lark Hill.

My gorgeous niece was the cowardly lion

The beerwalk has a special place in my heart as in it's infancy, featuring about 500 walkers, it began and finished at my parents pub.  I was six years old when I witnessed my first beerwalk and I've walked about eleven of them over the years.  
Every year as a child, I would wake on the Sunday morning to a feast of abandoned costumes, props and even an enormous Viking ship on wheels one year!

Does anyone else have anything like this on their part of the world?

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  1. Hi there. That's a great post and really took me back.l I lived in Saddleworth for a couple of years back in the '80s. Gorgeous place. I'm now in Londn, so your pics were very nostalgic. Nice one.


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