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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Scared but compelled

Yesterday whilst on Twitter I noticed a lot of celebs were tweeting about a blog by a young girl, Alice.  'So what?' you may be asking yourself. 'Loads of teenage girls blog'.  I decided to take a look and was incredibly moved by what I read.  Like many others, I enjoy a good blog, but this one has touched me like no other.  

Alice is fifteen and has terminal cancer.

She has written a 'bucket list'.  Things she would love to do before she has to go.  She intended it to be 'a little blog for a few friends and family to read but it has spread rapidly and you will see why when you read it.

This courageous young lady isn't asking for money or sympathy.  All she wants is for people to sign up to their local bone marrow donor list.  That's all.  In a world where the only thing many young people want is fame, fortune and material items, all Alice wants is to raise awareness and help others who have the same condition as her.

Therein lies my challenge... I'm frightened of needles, injections etc etc. Really frightened.  But how can I ignore the simple request of a dying girl?  I have everything I need, I'm healthy and happy and so, thankfully, is my daughter who is the same age as Alice.

So, scared as I am, I am going to make an effort to sign up as a donor.  The procedure is apparently quite simple and painless.  It involves bone marrow cells being withdrawn by a needle and leaves you with a little bruise.  A small price to pay.

Please, please, if you are reading this, click on the link below and read for yorself this inspiring blog. xxx


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