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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Listography - Inventions

Having recently discovered 'Kate Takes 5' on blogger. http://katetakes5.blogspot.com/
I have decided to jump in and have a go.

5 inventions I wish were real:

1. Teleportation:
It seems that someone has actually been working on this one already if this picture is anything to go by:

The thought of being able to zap yourself anywhere, be it across the world, across town, to work (when running late) or around the house is brilliant and I have dreamed of this since being a little girl.

2. A Time Travel Machine:
Perhaps influenced by the lovely Dr Who, I would love to go back in time to important parts of both my own and world history. I'd love to meet both my granddads who died before I was born, take a peek at my mum and dads wedding and go further back to see what my great grandparents were like and what the house I lived in for 20 years was like when it was first built (1745).  
 And world history? I'd like to check out what Jesus was really like, even though I'm not a Christian.  Be at Wembley in 1966 when England won the world cup and I would love to see some classic artists perform in their heyday.

3. A Mary Poppins Bag:
A regular sized bag into which you could put ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could possibly need for the day or your whole two week holiday.

4. The Ultimate Doctor:
A machine in which you stand inside, it scans you and then fixes anything 'wrong' with you. Quickly and painlessly! From sprained limbs to cancer, can you imagine how amazing that would be?

5. A Money Tree:
Boring and predictable, yes. But I still wish one was available!


  1. My bag thinks it's a Mary Poppins bag - until the nappies, toys and kitchen sink overflow out into the street.

  2. YES! I was thinking of a mary poppins style bag, then I went with a magic hallway so it would have a room for all the stuff in the bag.

  3. I'm with Kate in that my bags think they belong to Mary Poppins as well! I was recently at a meeting and delved in my works handbag to retrieve a pen and came out weilding a miniture lightsabre. Love your idea of the medicine machine, that would be brilliant, but probably not be so good for the line of work I am in.

  4. Mary Poppins bag is genius! I want one when it becomes available please!

  5. I have a thing about those Mary Poppins bags anyway. Wish life could be like it is in Mary Poppins altogether in many ways.
    Yay for the ultimate doc too.
    I had a go at Listography for first time this week


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