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Saturday, 2 July 2011

You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone.

 Tragedy of tragedies happened last week, I had to endure a whole week with no internet at home!

My trusty old PC (aged 10) has been on it's last legs for a couple of years now and last month it failed to turn on at all.  
 Not even my talented  ICT student at college could do anything to bring it back.  No amount of replacing its various parts could bring it back and it is now in the computer graveyard we call 'the spare parts cupboard' next door to the ICT classroom.

 As if that wasn't tragic enough I went home that afternoon, sat at my lovely little laptop (aged 3 and a bit) and that too died! My battery has been fading fast for a while now and the power lead has been playing up.  A loose wire led to a blank screen and no reassuring hum.

 I'm not sure who was most upset.  Me, unable to look at my blogger dashboard and Facebook, or my 15 year old baba who loves Tumblr... and Facebook.
 We spent that Friday night anxious and irritable with each other, who could have known how busy the internet kept us both of an evening.

 The next morning, bright and early I set off for PC World, my god that place is noisy (or am I getting old?).  I located the universal power leads and to my horror found them priced at £60 -£70!!!
 I rang my husband, the accountant, who quickly googled power leads and found the right one at just £15, a much more reasonable price.  He ordered one online and so the wait began.

 Now, the accountant, often complains of being a Facebook or Farmville widow in the evenings.  (I can't complain during the football season however when I become a footy widow) I really didn't realise just how much time I spent surfing the net at night until it had gone.         

 And I found I had so much more time to spend doing other things.  My ironing pile has dramatically reduced in size, my house is pretty clean and tidy, I have read a whole novel I've been meaning to read for ages, I've watched some good tv (documentaries, not trash) and I have conversed more with 'the accountant'!

 I had begun to adjust quite well to no internet at home.  True, I did have my iphone but it's not quite the same.  And I could check blogger and Facebook at work during my lunch break so I wasn't completely cut off.
 However, life is all about balance, and after a week the blessed lead eventually arrived.  I couldn't wait to plug in my laptop and get going but I found that after quickly catching up with everything, I actually didn't want to spend hours on it. I had broken the cycle that I had fallen into.  I was freeeee!

To the accountants relief I have not spent as much time on the internet this week, my house is tidy and I have been to the gym more than usual. 

 Everyone's a winner...  Until I get my ipad for my birthday ;)


  1. Ain't that the truth. We spend so much time connected to computers - for work and play.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. So basically I need my computer to shit itself. I am terrible. Like really terrible. It started slowly but continues to get worse. I justify a lot of by saying I need my computer for my writing, but I certainly don't need it for checking facebook, tumblr googling shit etc etc.

    Great blog, funny xx Bern (@Bern_morley) on twitter

  3. Haha. I had a similar experience earlier this year. I was somewhat appalled with how much time I could waste online. What the heck did I do before Facebook? Oh yeah, I probably cleaned my house & had my friends over! I felt quite free too after the initial anxiety and panic wore off. Unfortunately my 'well, now that I'm back online, I will only spend 30mins per day on it' was short-lived & shamefully I'm on it for hours again. You've inspired me to get out more. Fun post.

  4. It's amazing how time flies when you're online!

    Visiting via the rewind x


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